Perform Live

One of our bands The Fire Monkeys playing live, with a few clips added giving you an idea of what we do.



I joined Jam when I was 8 years old, and now 8 years later, aged 16, I still love it! It has been a great experience and aswell as learning instruments i have learnt, how to set up equipment, compose & write songs and more importantly how to work together with others in a band. It has helped me develop my skills and confidence both socially and on stage. Jam is an excellent organisation, and the time I have spent in it has been brilliant.

Thankyou Jam!!

– Ella (16yrs old)

For more than the last eight years, Gordon Russell at Jam Brighton has taught both my daughters to play and sing pop and rock songs. His sessions have been the highpoints of their week.

Gordon’s unfailingly positive approach and his great musicality have been an inspiration and example to both my girls, and indeed to me. Without being pushy or prescriptive, Gordon has been a role model for what being a ‘Musician’ means: playing for the sheer joy of making a great noise, and working together collaboratively with individuals, bands or groups to bring out the best in them.

– Harry (Parent of 2 Jam Pupils)