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Our Approach

Everyone is welcome!

There are no scary auditions, no judgement as to where you are at with your musical journey, whether that is right at the beginning or looking to refine your riffs, chops, grooves, writing or vocal skills.


We work with young musicians from key stage 2 (7-11 yrs) to key stage 4 (14-16yrs). If you learn intuitively, by ear, tab or wish to take your grades we have a tutor suited to your learning style.

Joining A Band

Each year we organise two shows taking place in the Summer and just before Christmas.

These are always a well attended celebration of the achievements of all our brilliant students.

Six to eight weeks prior to these we place our musicians in a band and run 1hr rehearsals weekly with one of our tutors facilitating the sessions. It’s a great opportunity for all involved to make new friendships, experience what it’s like to be part of a band and then have the chance to perform in a real life gig situation.

One-To-One Tuition

All of our lessons take place during term time and we provide one to one lessons with a variety of tutors who specialise in Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocal tuition.


Our tutors work from home, their own studios, Brighton Youth centre and are also available to teach in your own home. These lessons take place out of school hours. All of our tutors are DBS checked and have received training with regards to safeguarding and working with young people.



We have an excellent long standing relationship with Dorothy Stringer secondary school where our tutors are able to teach your child within school hours if they so wish. Each term the schedule is rotated so your child will not miss out on too many hours of one subject. Each lesson is 30 minutes.



Guitar/ Bass/ Drum tuition (30 minutes)

- £20

Vocal tuition (30 minutes)

- £20

Band mentoring (1 hour rehearsal)

- £20

Our fees for tuition are highly competitive and we ask that they are paid each term- our term times typically run for 6 weeks consecutively. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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